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Hello All,
The spring shooting season is just around the corner. That means new Range Badges and a new gate code will be mailed out around April 15th, and the code will go into effect on May 15th.
On May 11, a Saturday, we will be having our annual Range Cleanup and Cookout starting at 9am. Cookout at noon. Please mark your calendars and plan to help us out. Look for complete details in future emails.
The Range will be starting our weekly Five Stand Shoots, beginning Saturday, May 18th from 9-noon, and weekly Trap Shoots, Sunday, May 19th from 9-noon (weather permitting). 
Are you interested in Pistol Shooting Games? We are looking to add another weekly shooting venue. If you might be interested in participating on a Saturday morning or afternoon, send me a quick email and let me know CVOA.range@gmail.com.
Growth and Safety
Our Range has continued to grow and in an effort to keep better track of its use and provide a safer shooting environment for all, CVOA’s Range Committee is making the following improvements:
1. Starting on May 15th, you will see new signs posted at the entrance and shooting venues. These will provide sign in and safety instructions for Range use. Please take a moment to review these instructions.
2. All members, guests, and the general public, will be required to sign in at the front gate before proceeding to the shooting venue or clubhouse. This is regardless of whether the visitor is shooting or not. Our old storage shed is being modified as our new Gatehouse. Inside you will find a Sign In Sheet, Day Use Waiver Form for guest shooters, and Guest badges for day use visitors. The day use fee will remain $5, and if no Range Officer is present, the fee is paid into the lock box on the honor system.
3. New First Aid/Trauma kits will be located around the Range. One at the Rifle Range, one at the Five Stand Range, and one at the clubhouse. These will include basic first aid items like bandaids and alcohol wipes, as well as advanced trauma equipment such as tourniquets and quick clotting bandages. If you need to access the First Aid/Trauma Kit for any reason, please fill out an Incident Report.
4. Finally, the Range has created and adopted a Safety Operating Procedure, or SOP, which gives detailed rules and guidelines for Range Operations. We will be posting the SOP on the CVOA Range website, as well as forwarding email copies to our Range Members. Range Safety Officers are not on the Range during some of the operating hours. As such, during these Passive Range Operating times, it is the duty of all members to know and follow posted rules.
The Range would like to invite members to become NRA certified Range Safety Officers. CVOA will pay for your training, which will be invaluable to the Range. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Diane Stone at (207) 240-4752.
We look forward to seeing you at the Range!

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