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Did you know that historically CVOA has donated over $7000 to various organizations through our charitable giving program, many of them with local matching funds? Some of the recipients include:
 Scholarships for Tanglewood/Blueberry Cove programs
 Boy Scout Troop Sponsorships
 NEMBA trail construction
 Scholarships for the Stratton Summer Recreation Program
 Stocking the fishpond at the Outdoor Center
 Campership to Camp North Woods
 Scholarships and sporting equipment at the Maine Outdoor Adaptive Center

In May of 2011, the idea of CVOA contributing financially to organizations that support our love of the outdoors was first discussed at a meeting. Using our mission statement as a guiding principle, it became the intention of CVOA to support local organizations that reflect our mission statement. In 2015 the newly formed Finance Committee, under the leadership of CVOA’s late treasurer Gail Miller, presented the first donation policy for CVOA, and it was wholeheartedly approved by the membership.

Just this past month, the renewed Finance Committee with treasurer Mary Frank has fine-tuned this policy, which will be on the agenda for discussion and consideration at the June meeting.

Here is the draft version of that donation policy:
It is the intention of the Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association (CVOA) to support local organizations and individuals that reflect the CVOA mission statement: “To foster and promote the conservation of our natural resources and the creation of recreational opportunities in our region.”

CVOA may donate up to 20% of the previous year’s net income to local groups or individuals that help to support our mission. Donations can include cash amounts, as well as expenses incurred for activities for the benefit of the local community.

Additional donations may be approved by the Board for requests for funds for emergency needs. Donations of up to $100 can be approved by the Finance Committee. Donations in excess of $100 must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Organizations/individuals must meet several criteria to qualify, particularly the following:
 They must be established in the state of Maine with activities focused in the Western Mountains area.
 They must complete an application form for a project that meets the CVOA mission.
 They must submit an “after action report” detailing how the money was spent and who benefitted. A report form will be provided for guidance.

Requests for donations from CVOA may be brought to the officers of the Board at any time by local organizations/individuals or requests may be submitted by a member of CVOA. The Board of Directors may also choose to identify organizations/individuals that should receive a donation from CVOA on an annual basis. All donations must be reviewed annually by the Board. A report of all donations will be included in the CVOA annual report.

Draft 5/1/19

Through the hard work of Mary Frank, additional documents have been created to help in our charitable giving work including a revised application, an after-action reporting form and a list of criteria for consideration of all donation requests.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this important aspect of CVOA over the years. If you know of worthy applicants, please contact a board member or direct them to our website for further information –

All the best,

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