Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!
As reported at the annual meeting on March 30, the past 12 months were full of recreational activities for CVOA. Over 20 events were led by 16 different leaders involving over 630 members – which all adds up to a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to offer suggestions or be a trip leader.
That brings us to this year’s calendar which you’ll see in this newsletter. We have scheduled our board & membership meeting dates and Range activities and are working on many exciting ski trips for winter 2020, which are all described in detail this month. But, if you look at our upcoming schedule of summer recreational activities we have just one summer adventure on the books as of this publication: The Sky Lodge weekend in Jackman on June 17-20. This is a great time and might have a few openings, but what else do you want to do this summer?
Remember, as stated in the Jan. 29, 2000 minutes, “The purpose of the organization, among other things, will be to promote and encourage outdoor recreation and conservation . . .” Over the past nineteen years we have been fortunate to have members promote a variety of recreational activities and to have people willing to organize and lead the events. But it looks like we really need to do a lot of ENCOURAGING to get more recreation on our calendar for this summer.
It was a busy winter for sure, but now the beautiful Maine summer looms ahead with much potential for bike rides, hikes, kayak and canoe adventures, cookouts etc. etc. I am encouraging you to think about what you would like to do and contacting either Cindy or myself to get it on the calendar. You don’t have to necessarily be the leader of the event; we just really want to know what our membership would like to do in the coming months. Thanks for all your suggestions!
On another note, in celebration of our upcoming 20th anniversary we are excited to be offering a new line of CVOA apparel for sale. New board member Valerie Hudspath has worked hard with member Mike Pilsbury to offer a selection of vests, jackets and hats. Details and the order form are included in this newsletter.
Bonnie Farrar ~ CVOA President

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