Get Involved

Now that your a member of the “active outdoor club,” it’s time to get active! CVOA is a volunteer organization. Although our club is 600-members strong, everything we do is done by unpaid volunteers. And we always need help! From running our shooting range to planning our socials to organizing our weekend getaways to raising money … volunteers make this organization hum. And they have fun doing it!! It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and help out the club.
Please indicate which areas listed below where you might be willing to help us out:

* Organizing a day hike, bike ride or kayak trip to a special area of Maine .. or planning a weekend
* Helping our “group trip leaders” with activities, food or cleanup.
* Pitching in for “work days” at the range.
* Setting up, serving and cleaning up at our socials.
* Helping with trail cleanup and maintenance.
* Working at our homecoming booth.
* Fundraising.
* Mailings.
* Serving on the board of directors.
* Serving as an officer .. president, vice president, treasurer or secretary.
Join the adventure! Join the fun! Get involved!!