Charitable Donations, Community Involvement

It is the intention of CVOA to support local organizations that reflect the CVOA mission statement:

“To foster and promote the conservation of our natural resources and the creation of recreational opportunities in our region.”

CVOA will donate up to 20% of the previous year net income to local groups that help support our mission. Donations will include cash donations as well as expenses incurred for activities for the benefit of the local community.
Organizations must meet several criteria to qualify:

  1. They must be established in the state of Maine with activities focused in the Western Mountain area.
  2. They must complete an application form.
  3. They must submit an “after action report” detailing how the money was spent and who benefited.

Requests for donations from CVOA may be brought to the executive board at any time by the local organizations or requests may be submitted by a member of CVOA. The board of directors may also choose to identify organizations that should receive a donation from CVOA on an annual basis. All donations must be reviewed annually by the board.

A report of all donations will be included in the CVOA annual report.

For more questions, or to submit an application, contact the treasurer at

Click here to view and download the Donation Policy in PDF format

Click here to view or Download the Application for Requesting a Donation