Guidelines for CVOA Trip Leaders

For the supply guide lines for event leaders: Click Here
The trip leader is responsible for:
(1) Making reservations required for transportation, camping, etc.
(2) Determining the cost of the trip
(3) Writing up a trip description that should include:
(A) Dates, times, travel directions
(B) Description of the event
(C) “Adventure” options are for attendees .. hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, exploring
(D) List of items/services provided by CVOA, including group meals
(E) List of things the individual is responsible for, including meals, contributions to pot lucks
(F) List of items the member should consider bringing, such as bug dope, rain gear and flashlights
(G) Cost of the trip
(H) Deadlines for signups, deposits, final payments
(I) Contact info for the trip leader.
(4) Submitting a write up to the CVOA secretary for distribution to the members and the web secretary for posting on the web and forwarding to local newspapers if appropriate
(5) Keeping track of who has signed up. Compiling people’s email and/or telephone number so they can be reached if the trip plans change or the trip is cancelled.
(6) Collecting the money from the members, preferably when they sign up.
(7) Providing the members any documentation needed, like gate passes, etc.
(8) Coordinating the CVOA “bin” supplies, like paper products, food, fire pit, grille, firewood, etc.
(9) Coordinating any group meals.
(10) Providing information to the members as needed.
(11) Reporting back to the Activity Coordinators on how the event/activity went over, and how we can do better in the future. (Activity coordinators oversee the activities and lend support and guidance to the leaders).
Remember, the trip leader isn’t expected to do all the work, just make sure it gets done. Also, CVOA has historically let the members on a trip decide what they want to do. The trip leader shouldn’t make elaborate plans; just let people know what the options are.
If you get some good photos and can put together a write up on the trip, pass them on to the Secretary for submittal to the local newspaper and the web secretary to post with the CVOA albums.