Range Regulations

Range I.D. badges must be worn at all times; guest badges available in kiosk

General Range Regulations

1. Members must know and obey all range regulations as contained herein and / or those posted at the range.
2. Members must know where others are at all times.
3. Shoot only at authorized targets.
4. Rifle shooting must be confined so that rounds impact the backstop only. Firing above the height of the backstop is not permitted. Concern is for ricochets and projectiles escaping the boundaries of the range.
5. When organized shooting events occur, a range safety officer will be designated who will have control over the conduct on the range.
6. Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and ground and / or bench all firearms during a call for cease fire. Do not handle a firearm during a cease fire.
7. Do not handle a firearm and be clear of the firing line when persons are down range.
8. Always keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange and never in the direction where an accidental discharge would cause the projectile to leave the area.
9. Do not change the position of the target holders on the rifle and pistol ranges. These are measured for 50- and 100-yard shooting.
10. While we encourage use of member-owned trap machines and clays, we do not allow their use when the automatic trap machine is in use.
11. Use one firearm at a time. Store unused firearms.
12. Make sure the correct and safe ammunition is being used. This is your responsibility.

The CVOA range is considered passive. This means that members may use the facility without supervision, but the Trap Machine may only be operated by qualified Range Officers. Each member must agree and adhere to the range rules and regulations established herein as well as those instructions that may be posted on the range. Members must strictly comply with all of the provisions of the safety plan when using firearms on the range and demonstrate that they can handle the firearm safely.

When using the range and in the absence of a designated range official, members assume the responsibility of enforcing the safety provisions of the safety plan.

The names of guests will be recorded in the club guest log. Guests will be permitted to fire on the range at organized shooting events only. Guests will be required to sign a waiver and pay a guest fee.

Range safety officers will be appointed for all club organized shooting events.

The range committee will enforce the rules and regulations and will determine the penalties for violations.

The range will be open and may be used during daylight hours only with specific hours established and published throughout the year by the range committee for special events.

Only members in good standing are authorized to use the range.

Call 911 in an emergency.